Final tournament results 2017

  U8 U10 U12 U14
1st SC 1880 White SC 1880 Alcobendas Rugby London Irish
2nd RC Tatra Smichov RC Tatra Smichov SC 1880 I SC 1880
3rd RC Praga I Germania List Name des Clubs Firenze Rugby
4th SC 1880 Red Boitsfort RC Boitsfort RC I/II RC't Gooi
5th CUS Padova Rugby RK Heusenstamm Hannover 78 Bank of England
6th TSV Handschuhsheim RC Praga EMBAR Belfort EMBAR Belfort
7th Boitsfort RC CUS Padova I SC Neuenheim Berliner RC
8th SC 1880 Blue EMBAR Belfort RC Tatra Smichov RC Tatra Smichov
9th SC 1880 Orange SC Neuenheim München RFC RG Heidelberg
10th TSV Krofdorf Gleiberg CUS Padova II Alcobendas Rugby II Caerphilly RFC U13
11th SC 1880 Yellow RG Heidelberg Berliner SV 1992 SG Hessen RC
12th RC Praga II TGS Hausen CUS Padova II SG Odin / Hannover 78
13th RU Marburg Berliner RC RK 03 Berlin RFC München
14th SC 1880 Black Heidelberger RK I Berliner RC CUS Padova
15th Heidelberger RK Victoria Linden Victoria Linden ASCAP Montbéliard
16th RG Heidelberg SC 1880 II CUS Padova I Victoria Linden
17th RC Worms RC Worms Heidelberger RK -
18th Berliner SV 1892 RU Marburg SC 1880 II -
19th - ASCAP Montbéliard SG RGH/HTV -
20th - - RK Heusenstamm -
21th - - ASCAP Montébeliard -
Sport Club Frankurt 1880‘s eighth rugby youth festival
Once again teams from all over Germany and Europe will make their way to Frankfurt this year: players, trainers, coaches and parents. While some clubs have come for many years, others participate for the first time. What brings all participants together is their passion for a world sport, which is also a very special tradition in Frankfurt: rugby was the founding sport of SC Frankfurt 1880 137 years ago, and is also the origin of the black-red club colors. Since then, the club has expanded to include hockey, tennis and lacrosse.
Sportclub Frankfurt 1880
Frankfurt Football Club was founded in 1880. The only type of sports played was rugby – still referred to back then as rugby football.

The club's colors
As recognition for the high level of play, in 1880 Blackheath Football Club granted Frankfurt Football Club the right to compete in Blackheath’s club colours, Red and Black.
German championship
Recently, the club has won the German championships in two consecutive years, 2008 and 2009.

8. Frankfurter Rugby Jugendfestival